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Juni 21, 2016

Usually, I do not use my website and blog for anything other than promoting my lable Tante Nana. However, I think, this is very important and needs lots of attention. I will therefore write in english  for all  my readers outside Germany ...

There is this man called Mark Ching from www.animalhopeandwellness.org, who is currently on a mission in China to shut down dog slaughter houses, offering  their owners other options to live off and rescue as many dogs as possible. He is risking his own life and facing lots of problems  with the chinese government at this moment.

I am aware, there are lots of issues on this planet and I am quite sure, there is no such thing as humane killing. I do not want to have a closer look at all the slaughter houses and there is definitely so much animal cruelty in this world. However, one does not negate the validity of another .. 

It is totally okay with me, if we are not all sharing the same opinions, especially if  not all of us living a vegan life... we are all far away from being perfect and I can accept different cultures and eating habbits. In general, it is anyhow difficult to judge between what animal is “right” and “wrong” to eat. However, my heart is especially aching at this time of the year ... the Yulin "festival" .. but please, let's not make it a Chinese thing ... I have seen many chinese activists who do not want to participate in this ... still, there are so many left supporting this unbelievable cruel and barbaric act of torturing... many dogs get stolen from their owners,  still have collars on when they get beaten to death, crucified, boiled alive,  nailed down on a wall ... people believe, that their meat tastes better because of the adrenalin when being tortured for sometimes up to 40 hours.. if you are tough enough to look at it .. check out Mark's website www.animalhopeandwellness.org and his instagram account ... but please ... this is extremely graphic content!!!!!! 

It is so devastating to know what's going on at this moment, when we are safe and sound  and petting our beloved pets .. how come some people turn out to be so ignorant,evil, barbaric and cruel??? Even if you are not living a veggie life ... okay ! But what gives a "human" being the right to torture another living creature like this ?????? Look at those pictures, if you can stand it ... I have never thought someone is capable of doing such evil, evil things ...

Please, if you care - SHARE !! Donations at Mark's website are grately appreciated .. www.animalhopeandwellness.org !

Pet your loved ones tonight ... others are not that lucky at the other side of the world...

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